As major leagues eye possible moves, SA lacks a plan

San Antonio is not being considered as a possible host city for MLB and NHL teams.

As major leagues eye possible moves, SA lacks a plan

San Antonio is home to one big-league team that wants to play more home games outside of the market. It seems to be quite happy with what it already has.

While competing cities are scrambling, some of which have similar sizes, to improve their major league rosters.

Las Vegas did not become a major league sports capital overnight. Now it is accumulating wins and wants more. The city, which had landed an NHL team the previous year, surpassed that feat the following season when NFL owners approved the Raiders' relocation from Oakland to Sin City.

Las Vegas has made it clear that they are interested in the NBA and MLS. The town of Las Vegas is now on the brink of attracting a Major League Baseball team as Oakland A’s ownership signed a binding contract to purchase land for a new stadium in the desert city.

Salt Lake City is located 400 miles away from Las Vegas and already has two times as many Major League Teams as San Antonio. The city wants to double its current inventory. Big League Utah, a coalition of powerful business and political figures, has launched a campaign to secure an MLB team.

Utah Jazz owners are reportedly now interested in bringing NHL to Salt Lake City.

Nashville and Portland are two other markets that want to add more teams. Both cities are attempting to expand MLB.

San Antonio once had the same aspirations. In 2005, New Orleans Saints thought about turning their temporary stay in Alamo City to a permanent move. Nine years later, the Raiders were wooed by local leaders.

Between, San Antonio leaders held talks with the Miami Marlins about moving the MLB team from Miami to South Texas.

All of these efforts failed. Since then, some people in this city have given up.

Red McCombs was one of them. He died earlier this year. McCombs played a crucial role in moving the Spurs from Dallas to San Antonio. He never wavered about his belief that San Antonio deserved and needed a larger major league presence.

It's not clear who will help San Antonio get back into the conversation when it comes to viable markets, as several leagues consider potential moves.

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