B. Riley Begins Coverage on Ambrx Biopharma (NYSE:AMAM)

and a $20.00 price target on the stock. B. Riley gives Ambrx Biopharma (NYSE:AMAM) a 'buy' rating with a $20.00 price target.

The stock was given a rating of 'buy' by the firm.

AMAM has also been the subject of recent comments from other analysts. Robert W. Baird raised their price target on shares of Ambrx Biopharma to $12.00 in a report published on Wednesday, 4th April. The company was also given an 'outperform rating'. Goldman Sachs Group raised their price target on shares of Ambrx Biopharma to $6.00 in a research report on Monday, 27th February. The stock was given a neutral rating. Cantor Fitzgerald began covering shares of Ambrx Biopharma on Friday, 19th May in a research report. They assigned the stock an 'overweight rating' and set a price target of $25.00. Oppenheimer published a research note on Ambrx Biopharma on Thursday, 1st June. The company was given an 'outperform rating' and a target price of $30.00. Four analysts have given the company a buy recommendation, while one has given the stock a hold recommendation. During Tuesday's mid-day trade, the stock rose $0.01 to $14.52. The company traded 221,162 shares compared to 2,810,540 average. Ambrx Biopharma's 12-month low is $0.38, and its 12-month high is $15.29. The fifty-day moving median of the company is $11.93, and its 200 day moving medium is $6.83.

The company released its last quarterly earnings report on Thursday, 11th May. The company reported ($0.05 EPS) for the quarter. Revenue for the quarter was $0.02 million. Analysts expect Ambrx Biopharma to post -1.42 per share earnings for the current fiscal year.

Insider Buying & Selling

Cormorant Asset Management Lp, a major shareholder, acquired 135,850 of the company's shares in a deal dated April 19th. Stock was purchased at $11.15 an share on average, for a value of $1,514,727.50. After the completion of the purchase, the insider owns 9,485,714 company shares, valued at $105,765,711.10. Over the past three months, insiders purchased a total 2,391,779 company shares valued at $23,522,840. Corporate insiders own 0.64%.

Ambrx Biopharma: Institutional trading

Several hedge funds and institutional investors have recently increased or decreased their stakes in this company. Renaissance Technologies LLC increased its stake in Ambrx Biopharma during the first quarter by 91.5%. After purchasing 10,800 additional shares in the last quarter, Renaissance Technologies LLC owns 22,600 of the company’s stock worth $93,000. FMR LLC increased Ambrx Biopharma's holdings by 0.8% during the second quarter. FMR LLC owns now 3,857 679 shares worth $10,223,000, after buying an additional 32,320 in the last quarter. Royal Bank of Canada purchased a stake in Ambrx Biopharma during the third quarter, valued at approximately $46,000. Alpine Global Management LLC purchased a new stake in Ambrx Biopharma shares in the fourth quarter, valued at approximately $106,000. B. Riley Wealth Advisors Inc. also bought shares of Ambrx Biopharma during the fourth quarter, valued at approximately $45,000. Institutional investors and hedge fund currently own 43.14%.

Ambrx Biopharma Company profile

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Ambrx Biopharma Inc is a clinical-stage biotech company that discovers and develops engineered, precision biologics utilizing its proprietary expanded gene code technology platform. The company's lead product candidate is ARX788, an anti-HER2 antibody-drug conjugate (ADC), which is investigated in various clinical trials for the treatment of breast cancer, gastric/gastroesophageal junction cancer, and other solid tumors, including ongoing Phase 2/3 clinical trials for the treatment of HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer and gastric cancer.

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