Brooklyn mixed-use passes on conceptual approval, Bay Street garage expansion passes

Brooklyn mixed-use passes on conceptual approval, Bay Street garage expansion passes

The Downtown Development Review Board granted conceptual approval for a multifamily complex of seven stories and 275 units in LaVilla, on Thursday.

According to documents from the city, the project encompasses an entire block between Dennis Street & Harper Street & Myrtle Avenue & Hanover Street. The development features a 5-over-2 podium and includes amenities and a 310 space garage.

Kansas City-based MW Development Enterprises LLC is expecting to start the project in the first quarter 2024 and finish it by the end of the fourth quarter 2025.

Staff at the city recommended that this unusual change be approved.

Gabriel Divone, Senior Project Architect at Group 4 Design, said that the idea of one-way roads came from a desire to not impact local residents.

"We have a 60% total for the whole property without having to create anything on Dennis Street," Divone stated.

Christian Harden, a board member, expressed concern that the one-way roads could prevent the park from being visited by the public. He said that since a part of the Emerald Trail intersects Dennis Street, there should be connectivity.

Harden stated, "The connectivity between blocks is something I believe we are lacking a great deal."

Board members approved the final approval of an expansion to the garage at 336 W. Bay St. located northwest of Marriott Jacksonville Downtown.

The 10-story garage is located near the intersection between West Bay Street, South Pearl Street and West Bay Street. The garage will be expanded to accommodate more than 500 additional parking spaces, according to documents from the city.

Former DDRB member Craig Davisson brought a perforated piece of metal intended for the exterior of the project to show board.

Davisson responded to the requests of city staff after the project received conceptual approval on April 13. The staff asked for a pedestrian path at ground level that was more efficient and also a lighting plan. Amkin Management, the developer, said that it planned to start construction in fall of this year and complete the project by 2025.