Chicken Souvlaki for Dinner, Strawberry Granola for Breakfast and Jalapeño Poppers for Halftime

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Chicken Souvlaki for Dinner, Strawberry Granola for Breakfast and Jalapeño Poppers for Halftime



Christopher Testani, The New York Times. Food Stylist: Simon Andrews.

Good morning. On a sunny afternoon, in Melbourne, Australia a few years ago, I had a

pork gyro

A species of gyro

I have never seen before

Growing up, I ate lamb gyros from Mr. Souvlaki in Brooklyn's Montague Street but never any pork ones. Sometime, you can get beef ones. The meat is shaved on pita, then topped with a salad.


A red sauce made of ketchup and hot sauce. Pork version was amazing. After I returned home, I cooked the dish until it was good enough to be shared.

Lidey Heuck has a new chicken recipe.


The marinade (above) uses yogurt to make the chicken tender. No grill? No grill? You can roast it to cook through, and then crisp it in a pan with neutral oil that is hot enough to almost smoke on the stovetop.

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This is what's for dinner on Saturday, with pita and tzatziki.

baked French fries

On the side. You could say that.

Honey cookies with olive oil

for dessert?

Samin Nosrat is awesome and so simple to make! --

maple breakfast sausage

Naz Deravian’s new recipe for crisp

breakfast potatoes

The gold is roasted in the oven. This will allow me to take a nap before the Giants-Commanders match at 1 p.m. Eastern time. Perhaps some

jalapeno poppers

Lunch at halftime?

Granola is a great choice for many people.

This version is available in English.

Embroidered with freeze-dried strawberrys -- followed by

cucumber-ricotta sandwiches

I'm going to lunch. I don't think it's fair.

Ali Slagle’s latest is what I will be having for dinner.

Crispy rice with Salmon and Avocado

It combines crispy blocks of seared rice with raw salmon and creamy avocado. It's a riff off a dish created by Los Angeles Chef KatsuyaUechi.

Yaki onigiri

It would be nice to end the weekend with that.

A cauldron would be equally effective.

Sunday gravy

Serve with pasta and a

Lucali salad

A fantastically French.

Roast chicken with tarragon, Cognac and Cognac

So would a

Yassa with eggplant and mushroom

It is delicious and fragrant over rice. Follow your bliss.

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