Comcast's Peacock gets first NFL playoff game to be exclusively live streamed

The NFL playoff game on January 10 will be available only on Peacock, NBCUniversal's streaming service.

Comcast's Peacock gets first NFL playoff game to be exclusively live streamed

Peacock will be the exclusive streaming provider for the NFL Playoffs. This is a major step forward for NBCUniversal, whose parent company Comcast Corp. has continued to invest heavily into the platform.

Peacock has secured exclusive streaming rights for an NFL Wild Card playoff game that will be played in primetime on January 13. The game will be broadcast on NBC in the home markets of the two teams.

After an afternoon broadcast on Peacock or NBC, the exclusive streaming game follows immediately.

Peacock will stream all NFL games broadcast on NBC, including Sunday Night Football. The Los Angeles Chargers matchup against the Buffalo Bills is scheduled for Dec. 23, 2023. Peacock streams all NFL games that are broadcast by NBC. Sunday Night Football is NBC's top-rated primetime show. The No. 1 primetime program for 12 consecutive years.

Kelly Campbell, President of Peacock, NBCUniversal's direct-to-consumer division, said that live NFL games are a must for Peacock as it continues to grow. NBC claims that Peacock offers more live sports than any other direct-to consumer streaming platform in the United States. This includes the English Premier League (EPL), MLB, golf and IndyCar. The streaming service will also show every game of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Spanish.

Comcast, based in Philadelphia (NASDAQ: CMCSA), is heavily investing in Peacock in both the entertainment and sports space. CNBC reported in February that the company had made a bid to acquire NBA rights with the caveat that certain games might be broadcast exclusively by Peacock. Just over a decade ago, it struck a deal with MLB for one game to be broadcast exclusively on Peacock every Sunday during the season.

Comcast reported that Peacock doubled subscribers in fiscal 2022, but lost $2.5billion. Officials projected at the time the losses could reach $3billion this year as they continue to increase their spending on new content.