Explosions Over Kyiv as Ukraine Braces for Broad Russian Attack

Ukraine is expected to soon launch a broad, full-scale offensive following explosions deep behind Russian lines, according to a Ukrainian official.

Explosions Over Kyiv as Ukraine Braces for Broad Russian Attack

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These attacks come after explosions behind the Russian line, according to a Ukrainian official. This is part of Ukraine's preparations for "the full-scale, broad offensive" that is expected soon.

By Malachy Browne

11:14 p.m.

On Monday, explosions were heard in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv as Ukrainian officials warned that a massive Russian missile attack was aimed at all targets.

Andriy Zelensky's senior adviser, Andriy Yeermak, made a statement when the first missiles began to enter the airspace above the capital. The air defenses seemed to be working, he said. He did not provide any additional information.

Air raid sirens warned of further strikes in Ukraine. The attacks followed a weekend full of explosions behind Russian lines. One of the blasts occurred at an oil depot on Saturday, which was occupied by Russia. Natalia Humeniuk said that the fire at the oil depot was part of preparations to launch a 'broad, full-scale attack' which everyone is expecting Ukraine to do soon.

The sudden flurry indicates that both sides are intensifying their fighting in a conflict which has been marked for months by the slow advance of small towns, and the deadly shelling on the front lines and across the border. Both sides say they are preparing a counteroffensive which will likely result in renewed attempts to gain ground.

The explosions that rocked Kyiv Monday came just hours after Russia launched an attack on Pavlograd, a city in central Ukraine. This led to a massive fire which lit up the sky at night. Images of the explosions were shared on social media and the city government encouraged residents to seek shelter rather than 'roaming around the city'.