Former St. Augustine mayor suspended by Florida Bar

Joseph Boles Jr. is an attorney who specializes in elder law, which is a type of law that deals with issues that affect older adults.

Former St. Augustine mayor suspended by Florida Bar

The Florida Supreme Court, along with the Florida Bar Association, suspended former St. Augustine Mayor Joseph Boles Jr. for 90 days. This suspension took effect 30 days after a court order dated April 20.

Boles is a St. Augustine attorney who specializes in elder law and estate planing. His most recent term ended in 2014 when he lost the election to Nancy Shaver.

A Florida Supreme Court release stated that in multiple instances "Boles did not make the required disclosures or obtain the written statement acknowledging the disclosures made to the testator prior to his appointment as backup successor trustee, personal representative, in violation of Florida Statutes.

"Boles engaged in a conflicts of interest in an estate matter by not advising the beneficiaries to consult independent counsel before signing waivers of their rights as a beneficiary, and by appointing him as surrogate.

Boles's disciplinary record is clean, according to Florida Bar records.