Grand City Properties (FRA:GYC) Trading Up 1.2%

1,831,565 shares were traded during trading, an increase of approximately 41% from the average daily volume of 1,296,825 shares. The stock had previously closed at 7.20 ($7.92). The stock of Grand City Properties S.A. rose 1.2% in mid-day trading on Monday. It reached a high of 7.39 ($8.12) and l

The share price of ) rose by 1.2% in midday trading on Sunday. The stock reached a high of EUR7.39 ($8.12), and traded last at EUR7.28. A total of 123,671 stocks were traded in the mid-day session. The stock closed earlier at EUR7.20 ($7.91).

Analyst Ratings Changes

A number of analysts have published reports about the company. In a research report published on March 16th, Berenberg Bank stated that Grand City Properties' price target was EUR13.00 ($14.29). Barclays published a research note on Monday, 27th March that set a EUR7.00 price target on Grand City Properties shares. In a report published on Friday, 17th March, Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft established a EUR10.00 ($10.99), price target for shares of Grand City Properties. UBS Group published a report on March 16th that set the price target at EUR12.00 ($13.19). The 50-day moving average of the business is EUR7.64, and its 200 day moving average is EUR9.13.

Grand City Properties

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Grand City Properties SA is a residential real estate company that operates in Germany, United Kingdom and internationally. The company manages and rents properties in North Rhine-Westphalia, Berlin, the metropolitan regions of Dresden and Leipzig, the northern German cities of Bremen, Hamburg and Hannover as well as in other urban centers such as Nuremberg and Munch. offers a FREE daily email newsletter