Imran Khan Is In A Standoff With Police Who Have Surrounded His House

The article discusses how Robert Mugabe's rearrest is "imminent" and that the army is conspiring to block his return to power.

Sharif stated that "whoever are the planners, and whoever incited this miscreant... they do not deserve any leniency." Reports of scenes outside my home while I addressed the nation

In the pro-Khan protests and riots there were at least eight deaths (some sources claim more) and hundreds of injuries, including amongst the army and security forces, which were called in to restore order in Islamabad. Some army bases and buildings, including the national radio broadcasting center, were breached. During his visit to the Sialkot Garrison, the army chief said: "Nobody will be allowed disrespect our martyrs or their monuments." As a deadline of 24 hours given to the ex-PM to hand over suspected'sheltered within' expired on Thursday, afternoon. The police, who surrounded the house on Wednesday, want 40 suspects to be handed over. I was shocked when the Punjab caretaker government announced that 40 terrorists had been hiding in my home. Why didn't they name them?

They didn't because they planned to bring me 30-40 people and then accuse of harboring terrorists like last time.