Insider Selling: Twilio Inc. (NYSE:TWLO) Insider Sells 2,642 Shares of Stock

Insider Elena A. Donio, sold 2,642 of the company's shares in a deal on Thursday 6th July. The stock was bought at a price of $63.53, resulting in a transaction worth $167,846.26. The insider owns directly 435,681 of the company's shares, worth $27,678,813.93. This link

Twilio Stock Performance

On Monday, the stock rose $1.11 to $63.56. The stock of the company traded at 3,215,404 compared to 4,529.583 shares on average. The company has a market capitalization of $11,69 billion. It also has a P/E of -8.50, and a beta value of 1.38. The company's quick ratio is 6.16, its current ratio is 6.16, and it has a debt to equity ratio of 0.10. The company's fifty-day moving price is $60.00, and its 200-day moving price is $59.75. The last time ) released its results was on May 9th. The company posted ($0.37) per share, beating the consensus estimate ($0.58) by $0.21. Revenue for the quarter was $1.01 billion, which is higher than analyst expectations of $999.82 millions. Twilio's negative net margin was 34.79%, and its negative return on equity was 6.91%. Analysts expect Twilio Inc. to post an average of -1.52 per share earnings for the current fiscal year.

Analysts set new price targets

TWLO has been the subject of several research analyst's opinions. Goldman Sachs Group reduced shares of Twilio's rating from a "buy" to a "neutral" rating, and decreased its price target for the stock in a report published on Thursday May 11th. Morgan Stanley reduced their price target on shares of Twilio in a report published on Wednesday, 10th May from $82.00 down to $65.00. Robert W. Baird lowered their price target for shares of Twilio in a report published on Friday, 12th May from $80.00 down to $56.00. Bank of America reduced its price target for shares of Twilio in a report published on Wednesday, 10th May from $65.00 down to $55.00. In a report published on May 12th, Mizuho reduced the price target of Twilio stock from $90.00 down to $55.00 and downgraded it from a "buy" rating to a "neutral". Nine analysts have given the stock a buy recommendation, while seventeen have given it a hold. data shows that the consensus rating for the company is 'Hold' with a target price of $73.88.

Twilio: Institutional investors weigh in

A number of hedge fund have recently increased or decreased their stakes TWLO. James Investment Research Inc. purchased a new Twilio stake during the fourth quarter, worth approximately $26,000. Ameritas Advisory Services LLC purchased a new Twilio stake during the first quarter, worth approximately $32,000. Covestor Ltd increased its Twilio holdings by 419.5% in the first quarter. Covestor Ltd owns now 213 shares worth $35,000 of the stock of the technology firm after purchasing an additional 172 during the last quarterly. Concord Wealth Partners purchased a stake in Twilio worth approximately $36,000 during the fourth quarter. Tradition Wealth Management LLC increased its stake in Twilio shares by 58.9% during the first quarter. Tradition Wealth Management LLC owns now 596 shares worth $40,000 of the stock of the technology firm after buying an additional 221 during the last quarter. 77.29% of company stock is owned by institutional investors.

Twilio Company Profile

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Twilio Inc., along with its subsidiaries, offers software and communication solutions in the United States as well as internationally. The company has a cloud communication platform that allows developers to scale and manage customer engagement in software applications. The company's customer engagement platform offers a set application programming interfaces to enable developers embed voice, email, and messaging interactions into customer-facing software applications. offers a FREE daily email newsletter