Instacart delivery drivers' vehicle was fired at after they mistakenly went to the wrong address while delivering groceries, South Florida police say

Two Instacart shoppers making a grocery delivery to a home in South Florida had their car shot at after they mistakenly ended up at the wrong address last week.

Instacart delivery drivers' vehicle was fired at after they mistakenly went to the wrong address while delivering groceries, South Florida police say


Last week, two Instacart customers who were delivering groceries to the wrong house in South Florida were shot at. Police say that no criminal charges have been filed.

According to a report by the Davie Police Department, the homeowner who fired the shots, a 43 year old man from Southwest Ranches, said he had shot at the car when it ran over his feet and that he was afraid for his own life and his children's lives.

The April 15 shooting - in which no one was injured - is part of a string of "wrong-time, wrong-place" shootings. One in New York killed a woman aged 20 and another in Missouri wounded a teenager.

According to the police report, two Instacart shoppers aged 18 and 19, told police that they had trouble finding their customer's house in Southwest Ranches (about 25 miles north of Miami) while delivering groceries. They mistakenly drove into a neighboring property.

According to the homeowner's statements in the report, he saw them on his land and asked his son of 12 years old to tell them to go. According to the report, the man stated that he heard his 12-year-old son calling for help. He also saw the vehicle "driving erratically" and crashing into objects on the property.

The vehicle reversed and side swiped him, causing his right foot to be run over. According to the police report, the vehicle reversed, side-swiped him and ran over his right foot.

According to the report, the homeowner then told investigators that he fired several rounds at the vehicle's tires to disable it. He did this because he feared he or his child would be injured further by the vehicle.

According to the police report, the Instacart customers told police that they were trying to reverse away from the area when they hit a boulder in the property after being approached by a boy.

The report states that they were approached 'aggressively by a man' who grabbed onto the driver-side door window. As they tried to flee, they heard three gunshots close by.

Police reported that the two shoppers fled the area, and when they pulled over later found their car damaged by gunfire. The two shoppers were found by police a few yards from the property of the man. They noted that their car had "two bullet holes" in the rear bumper and rear passenger tire.

Police say that a homeowner shot two Instacart delivery customers' cars in South Florida when they arrived at the wrong address.

The neighbor of the homeowner told police later that his wife ordered groceries through Instacart, and was speaking to the driver as he couldn't locate the house.

The incident report says that a Davie police detective concluded both parties' actions 'were justified' 'based upon the circumstances perceived by them'. No criminal charges will be filed.

"Based on my investigation I was not able to determine whether a criminal act had been committed by either side. There were no video surveillance cameras in the area that could have helped with the investigation. In a police report, Davie Police Detective Patrick Di Cintio stated that each party appeared justified in its actions.

After hearing about the incident, Broward County state attorney Harold F. Pryor described the incident as'very distressing' and requested an investigation.

Instacart stated that it had reached out to this shopper, and would work with the law enforcement.

Instacart released a statement saying that 'the safety of our entire Instacart Community is extremely important to us. We take immediate action when reports of violence are received or threats made against members of the Instacart Community.' We have contacted the shopper, and we will work with law enforcement to investigate any ongoing investigations.