Manchester United (NYSE:MANU) Upgraded to 'Sell' by

Manchester United (NYSE:MANU – Free Report) was upgraded by stock analysts at to a 'sell' rating in a report released on Wednesday. A number of other equities research analysts have also…

A report published on Wednesday gave the stock a rating of'sell.

Other equity research analysts also commented recently on the company. In a research report published on Tuesday, Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft raised their price target for Manchester United from $25.00 to $24.00. Jefferies Financial Group raised their price target for Manchester United in a Tuesday research note from $25.00 up to $26.00. On Wednesday, the stock rose $1.15 to $25.15. The stock of the company traded 4,215,092 compared to an average of 1,941,844. The company's market capitalization is $4.14 billion. It has a P/E of -27.34, and a beta value of 0.68. Manchester United's low for the past 12 months is $10.41, and its high for that same period is $27.34. The debt-to equity ratio for the company is 4.88. It has a quick ratio (0.40) and a current rate of 0.40. The stock's 50-day moving average is $20.35, and its two hundred-day moving average is $21.74.

The company last announced its earnings on Thursday, 30th March. The company's ($0.07) earnings-per-share (EPS) for quarter fell short of the consensus estimate ($0.01) ($0.06). Manchester United's negative net margin was 20.86%, and its negative return on equity was 45.01%. The company's revenue was $196.48m during the third quarter, which is higher than analysts' expectations of $150.80m. Analysts predict that Manchester United's current fiscal year will result in a -0.26 earnings per share.

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Recently, several hedge funds increased or decreased their stakes in this company. Ariel Investments LLC increased its stake in Manchester United during the first quarter by 12.4%. Ariel Investments LLC owns 12,289 486 shares worth $177 829 000 after purchasing an additional 1,355,427 during the last quarter. Lindsell Train Ltd increased its stake in Manchester United during the fourth quarter by 0.9%. Lindsell Train Ltd owns 11,018,676 of the company stock, worth $257.011,000, after buying an additional 93.500 shares. Invesco Ltd. increased its stake in Manchester United during the first quarter by 26.3%. Invesco Ltd. owns now 2,869,363 of the company’s stock valued at $41,520,000, after purchasing additional 597,906 during the period. Marathon Asset Management Ltd increased their stake in Manchester United during the fourth quarter by 8.1%. Marathon Asset Management Ltd owns 2,362,700 of the company’s stock, worth $55,120,000. This is after purchasing an additional 176.792 shares in the last quarter. Millennium Management LLC also increased its holding in Manchester United during the second quarter by 157.4%. Millennium Management LLC owns 1,237.950 shares worth $13,766,000, after adding 757.060 more shares in the last quarter. Institutional investors and hedge fund own 23.90%.

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