Miso Robotics gets investment from Ecolab

Miso Robotics and Ecolab are teaming up to change the food service industry with robots.

Miso Robotics gets investment from Ecolab

Miso Robotics Inc., creators of the kitchen robot Flippy said that Ecolab Inc. has invested a multi-million dollars in their company. Ecolab Inc. is a manufacturer of systems specializing in water treatment, purification, and hygiene for various industries.

Miso Robotics did not disclose the amount of the investment, but stated that it would support the company's innovation and growth. Both companies will also collaborate to develop new automation technologies that improve food safety, hygiene, and efficiency.

Buck Jordan, Miso Robotics' founder and chairman, said in a press release that "Ecolab is a leader in the field of water, hygiene, and infection prevention. We look forward to collaborating with them to create value for both our customers and foodservice industry as a whole."

Ecolab (NYSE ECL) stated that Miso Robotics can help the food industry with its challenges of finding workers and labor costs.

John Houghtby is Ecolab's Executive Vice President and General Manager for Global Specialty. He said that Ecolab, which has been in business for 100 years, has always led the way with innovative products and services to help customers meet their sustainability and operational goals. As we look towards the kitchen of tomorrow, we're excited to partner up with Miso Robotics. They are a pioneer of AI-driven automation in the foodservice sector. We want to support their vision to create a safer and more efficient kitchen.

Miso Robotics, a company based in Pasadena (California), was founded in 2016. It claims to use artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning and data analytics when creating robots for restaurants. These robots are said to make them safer, easier and more friendly. Flippy is the company's flagship robot, which automates fry-stations at fast food restaurants. It has been used by chains such as Chipotle Mexican Grill Jack in the Box, and White Castle. CookRight, a beverage dispenser automatic, and Sippy are also produced by the company.

Miso Robotics is said to be primarily funded through individual investors. It has more than 30,000 shareholders who have raised over $100 million. Last month, Miso Robotics said that its current market cap is $40 billion. It raised $15 million in equity capital from an unnamed strategic investor.