Mixing up a batch of business: Slimetastic Kids Play Lab in Cordova

The gym next door is expanding and taking over the space of the Cordova International Farmer's Market.

Mixing up a batch of business: Slimetastic Kids Play Lab in Cordova

Slimetastic Kids Play Lab is a slime-centric event space that will open in January 2022, at 1134 N. Germantown Pkwy. Cordova.

Shericka Lurry, the owner of the business, credits her daughter Salayah, 13, with the idea.

We were in Wolfchase Galleria. She was about eight years old. She said to me, "You know what mom? Lurry said, "We should have a build-a-slime."

Slime has a moment. One could argue that it has been having a'moment' since the 1970s. Mattel released a slime toy in the year 1976. It was green and smelled awful, and it came in a garbage can. Slime was a part of the culture for many years, appearing in "Ghostbusters' films and Nickelodeon. Kids learned how to make slime with glue and activator. There are now slime influencers, and even a convention called Slime bash.

Lurry was certain that her daughter had a good idea. She thought of the parents who'd love to be able to get the slime mess out of their home. She drafted a business proposal and considered other kid-oriented businesses such as Incredible Pizza Co. or Chuck E. Cheese. She wanted her business to have a science theme, so she created a slime formula and bought lab coats. She then went to LoopNet and found a location. Then she spent hours creating a logo, and selecting the signature color of Slimetastic.

Lurry asked her daughter for help when Slimetastic opened. She knows all the recipes by heart.

The kids start with a small amount of glue and then add activator a little bit at a time. Other ingredients, such as shaving cream, are added depending on what type of slime is desired. Seasonal scents and colors are added, along with colorants. You can add glitter or sprinkle small plastic charms on top.

Slimetastic also offers different lab experiences such as Slimy Goo and Slimy Ooze. Slime tanks are large bins of slime that kids can dip their arms into. Lurry also considers adding a slime-filled dunk tanks to the Slimetastic models. The dunk-tank is dependent on what Lurry does next year.

She said, "We're going to get a larger space by the Cordova International Farmer's Market as the gym next door will be expanding into this area."

Lurry is looking for people to work with them during the summer months.

Lurry's theory that parents prefer slime made outside of the home is proving true. However, each child is given a small jar of slime. A jar of slime, when stored properly, can last months.

She said, "We recommend that they play outside. Do not let them play on carpets or furniture because the stains will not come off."

Lurry stated that slime was fun to play around with. It's also relaxing, teaches kids about creativity, measurements, and patience.