Nike, Lyft boost Biketown fleet by 33%

Nike and Lyft are teaming up to bring e-bikes to Portland by the end of summer.

Nike, Lyft boost Biketown fleet by 33%

Biketown riders in Portland will soon be able to choose from a wider range of Bike options.

Nike Inc., (NYSE: NKE), and Lyft, (Nasdaq : LYFT), plan to increase the local fleet of bikes by 33 percent. The companies announced this in a Portland Bureau of Transportation press release released Friday. This means that Biketown will have 500 additional bikes.

The city has announced that 200 electric-pedal assistance will be available right away through the expansion. The remaining 300 will arrive over the summer.

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22. The program was launched in July 2016

In a press release, Matt Geschke said that the program was 'a shining example of Nike’s purpose': to equalize the playing field and to do our part in protecting our planet. It also aims to increase access to sport and physical activity for all.

Since 2016, Biketown encourages people to be more active in their daily lives and increase the sustainable transportation options available to everyone. Tomorrow, on Earth Day, we will celebrate the future by giving Portlanders even more reasons to ride.

Ian Stude said that Biketown continues to play an important role in providing sustainable and healthy transportation options for our community.