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Boeing's CEO was supposed to take accountability. Instead, he said he's proud of the company's safety record

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For all the mistakes and safety problems, a company’s CEO has managed to escape accountability. Despite corporate whistleblowers, plane groundings, and a fuselage blowing off midair, the CEO has not faced any consequences. The board of directors has even rewarded him with a high salary, stock options, and a generous retirement package. The airline industry’s lack of competition allows the CEO to avoid accountability. Recently, the government has taken notice and questioned the CEO’s oversight. This was the CEO’s first time testifying before lawmakers. While he apologized and acknowledged the need for improvement, he deflected personal responsibility. Lawmakers criticized his financial performance, salary increase, and failure to resign. The CEO defended the company’s safety culture, despite being unable to provide answers about company policies and actions. The hearing put pressure on the CEO, but it is uncertain if he will face real consequences.