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Burger prices are up. But your barbecue could still be relatively cheap

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Home-grilled Burgers Offered at Discounted Prices #

Despite the increase in prices for burger patties, buns, and ketchup, retailers are offering steep discounts to attract budget-conscious customers. While grocery prices have remained steady or even decreased in recent months, some grilling essentials have become more expensive compared to last year.

Ground beef prices rose by 6.4% in the past year, while packaged hamburger and hot dog bun prices increased by 7%. Potato chips saw a 6.9% price increase. Condiments experienced sharper jumps, with ketchup prices rising 8.9%, hot sauce increasing 7.6%, and regular barbecue sauce spiking by 14.6%. Hot dog prices only saw a modest increase of 1.4%.

However, the price hikes do not account for the discounts offered during Memorial Day sales. This year, aggressive discounting is expected as retailers try to attract customers. The aim is to entice shoppers with discounted items, even if retailers break even or take a loss, as they hope customers will also purchase full-priced items.

Consumers remain concerned about inflation and have been spending less, making it a prime time for retailers to offer discounts. Target and Kroger are both offering Memorial Day deals, including reduced prices on ground beef, burgers, sliced cheese, hamburger buns, and potato chips. Aldi, known for its low-cost approach, is lowering prices on steak and chicken breasts among other items.

Chicken products in particular have become less expensive this year, with chicken breast prices falling by 2.5% and wings dropping by 9.2% in the year through April. This trend is further supplemented by the discounts offered during Memorial Day sales.