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Children's ‘Yoto Mini' speaker recalled for burn and fire hazards

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A children’s mini speaker is being recalled due to potential burn and fire hazards. The Yoto Mini speaker, intended for children, is being voluntarily recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The recall is a result of the speaker’s lithium-ion battery, which has the potential to overheat and catch fire, posing risks of burns and fires. Parents are advised to immediately remove the Yoto Mini from their children’s reach. Recalled units do not need to be discarded. Owners of the speaker can contact Yoto to receive a free Yoto Mini Smart Cable, which can safely charge the speaker battery. The recalled units were sold with a charging cable but no adaptor or charger. Consumers should cut the charging cable and upload a photo on the Yoto website to be eligible for the free smart cable. Yoto has implemented an automatic software update to improve battery management. No injuries have been reported, but there have been reports of overheating or melting of the speaker. The recall affects approximately 251,165 speakers in the United States and 18,932 speakers in Canada. The Yoto Mini was sold online and in toy and gift stores from November 2021 to April 2024.