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Disruptive winter storm to blast Midwest with blizzard conditions and threaten Southeast with tornadoes and floods

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A wide-reaching winter storm continues to affect much of the eastern half of the country, causing power outages and disruptions. The storm is moving from the Southwest to the Northeast, with highways, schools, and government offices being closed. The storm has already caused hail storms, flooding, and blizzard conditions. Over 40 million people are under severe weather threat. Tornadoes are expected in the Southeast, while heavy rainfall could lead to flooding. Strong winds may cause power outages, and blizzard conditions are shifting to the Midwest. Snowfall of 6-12 inches is possible in certain areas. Major cities are preparing for the impact, with New York warning of flash flooding. The storm has also resulted in school and government office closures. Another storm is expected to follow later in the week. Stay cautious and avoid traveling if possible.