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Dr Pepper just passed Pepsi as the second biggest soda brand

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Coke remains the leading soda brand in the US, while Dr Pepper has become the second most popular soda, surpassing Pepsi. Market share data from a trade publication shows that Dr Pepper gained market share over the years, allowing it to overtake Pepsi as the number two soda brand in 2023. Coke holds a significant lead with 19.2% of the market share, followed by Dr Pepper and Pepsi at 8.3%, with Dr Pepper slightly ahead. Other Coca-Cola-owned brands, Sprite and Diet Coke, also had significant market shares. Dr Pepper has capitalized on its unique flavor and gained popularity nationally after initially being a regional favorite in the American South. The brand has also introduced new flavors, including Dr Pepper Strawberries & Cream. In contrast, Pepsi has been focusing on its zero sugar lines rather than classic Pepsi.