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Egg prices are rising again. An outbreak of bird flu could make things worse

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Egg prices on the rise due to bird flu outbreak #

The price of eggs in the United States has been steadily increasing for several months, and the recent outbreak of bird flu in poultry farms across the country could further impact prices. The average price of a dozen Grade A large eggs rose from $2 in the fall to $3 in February, marking the highest level since April 2023. Cal-Maine Foods, the largest egg producer in America, recently culled a significant number of hens and young chickens after some tested positive for avian influenza. This has resulted in temporary production cessation at one of their facilities in Texas. The company stated that the virus is still present in the wild bird population, making it difficult to predict future outbreaks. Other farms in Michigan, Texas, Kansas, and Minnesota have also reported cases of bird flu. If egg producers struggle to meet demand due to culling measures, it could lead to further price increases. Cal-Maine Foods is making efforts to secure production from alternative facilities to minimize disruption to customers.