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Fed Chair Powell: The ‘time is coming' for a rate cut

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Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has stated that interest rate cuts are on the horizon, although he has urged the public to be patient as the central bank continues to address inflation concerns. Powell clarified that while the US economy is strong and a reduction in interest rates is likely this year, it is unlikely to occur in March as initially anticipated. He emphasized the importance of monitoring inflation rates and ensuring that the Federal Reserve reaches a level of confidence before implementing any rate cuts. Despite market expectations, Powell stated that there was no proposal to cut rates at this time. The central bank aims to restore price stability and make inflation low and predictable. Powell expressed optimism about the state of the US economy, highlighting its strength and growth, but acknowledged that rising grocery and rental prices have contributed to dissatisfaction among the public. The Federal Reserve maintains its independent relationship with the US government, and Powell emphasized that political considerations are never taken into account when making decisions. Incorporating politics into these decisions could undermine the central bank’s ability to achieve its desired economic outcomes.