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General Motors recalls nearly 820,000 pickup trucks

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General Motors is recalling around 820,000 pickup trucks due to a potential issue with the tailgates. The automaker has discovered that the electronic latch mechanism used to open the truck bed gate on certain Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks from 2020-2024 may short circuit if water gets into the tailgate. This could lead to the gate unintentionally opening while the vehicle is parked, resulting in any unsecured items in the bed flying out when the driver hits the road. General Motors has received over 130 complaints of the tailgate opening while driving, but states that it can only open when the vehicle is parked. The company is advising owners to manually close their tailgate before driving until the recall is complete. General Motors has reported one minor injury and three incidents of minor property damage. The recall affects more than 570,000 vehicles sold in the United States and approximately 249,000 sold in Canada. The company will replace the exterior switch on the tailgate with a more water-resistant material. Customers will be notified about the recall status starting from March 18.