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Protests against Israel's war in Gaza rattle colleges across the US

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Colleges and universities in the US held graduation ceremonies while pro-Palestinian protests continued on campuses. The University of Southern California cleared out a protest encampment without making any arrests. Chicago police were called to DePaul University to manage a large demonstration. Protests are calling for schools to divest from entities supporting or benefiting from Israel’s actions in Gaza. Over 2,200 people have been arrested since April 18. Other universities such as Princeton, UCLA, Art Institute of Chicago, University of Virginia, University of Michigan, and University of Vermont have also experienced protests. George Washington University referred to a pro-Palestinian encampment as an “illegal and potentially dangerous occupation.” Some students at Princeton University are on a hunger strike, demanding the university to divest from companies associated with Israel’s actions. UCLA will resume regular operations but will make changes to its security operations after recent protests. Encampments at Columbia and Brown universities have ended, with some universities making concessions or promising to address protesters’ demands. There have been protests and arrests at campuses across the US. Changes are being made to security operations at UCLA following recent protests. Republican and Democratic officials have addressed the campus protests, highlighting the importance of peaceful demonstrations.