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Russia, chopsticks, oversupply: Everything you want to know about Janet Yellen's China visit

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US Treasury Secretary recently concluded her visit to China, where she addressed concerns about Chinese overproduction and its impact on American jobs and businesses. Yellen met with Chinese leaders, local officials, academics, students, and American executives during her trip. The focus was on resolving trade disputes and stabilizing relations between the two countries. Yellen expressed worries about China’s macroeconomic imbalances and its effects on the US and the rest of the world. The issue of Chinese overcapacity in industries like electronic vehicles (EVs) and solar panels was also discussed. Meanwhile, Yellen warned Chinese companies about providing support to Russia’s war on Ukraine. She emphasized the importance of adhering to fair competition and open cooperation in economic and trade matters. The US is concerned about Chinese companies’ involvement in Russia’s military procurement. Yellen’s visit aims to promote communication and manage competition between the US and China. While she talked tough on economic issues, Yellen was warmly welcomed in China and her down-to-earth style and chopstick skills gained attention on social media.