Reports: New Twitter CEO is NBCUniversal's Linda Yaccarino, an executive with deep advertising roots

Yaccarino has a LinkedIn ,...

Linda Yaccarino is NBCUniversal’s Linda Yaccarino. She has deep ties in the advertising industry.

Musk didn't name Yaccarino in his announcement on Thursday. However, NBCUniversal announced that Yaccarino will be stepping down as the chairwoman of global advertising and partnership.

Yaccarino, who has been with NBCUniversal since nearly 12 years ago, previously served as the chair of advertising and client partnership and president of cable entertainment as well as digital advertising sales. Yaccarino spent almost 20 years at Turner, a global entertainment company.

After his takeover, many brands feared harm to their brand in the chaos that followed. Musk stated in late April that
advertisers had returned,
but provided no details.

NBCUniversal did not provide a reason for Yaccarino's departure on Friday. However, her departure fueled speculation regarding her future role with Twitter.

Multiple media outlets reported on Friday morning that Musk had 'in discussions' with Yaccarino to become CEO. Musk has chosen Yaccarino as the new head of social media.

The billionaire Tesla CEO has insisted for years that he isn't the permanent CEO of his company. In a tweet posted on Thursday, the Tesla billionaire announced that his role would transition from being Twitter's CEO to executive chairman.

Mid-November, only a few short weeks after purchasing the social media platform at $44 billion, he informed a Delaware court he did not want to become the CEO of any other company.

Musk stated that he would be reducing his time at Twitter in the future and finding someone else to manage Twitter.

In a poll on Twitter that the billionaire created himself and promised to follow, he was asked to step down.

Analysts who closely follow Twitter's operations welcomed the news, even though they did not know who would replace him. Twitter's advertising revenue has suffered under Musk's volatile rule. However, the billionaire said to BBC last month that Twitter is now "roughly" breaking even.

Insider Intelligence analyst Jasmine Enberg said that a new CEO was the only solution for Twitter. Elon Musk was the single greatest problem for Twitter's advertising business. Twitter will be able to separate Musk's personal image from the corporate image of Twitter and regain advertisers' trust as Musk steps down. Success will depend on the person who succeeds Musk, but it is hard to imagine a new CEO that would be as controversial or detrimental to Twitter's advertising business.

Tesla shares rose by about 2% on Thursday following Musk's announcement. Shareholders in the electric car company were concerned by how much time Musk spent on Twitter.

Over a shareholder's objection to his potential $55 billion compensation package as CEO of an electric car company.

Musk stated that he had never intended to become CEO of Tesla and that he did not want to lead any other company either. He preferred to think of himself as an engineer. Musk said that he also expected Twitter's organizational restructuring to be complete within the next few weeks. He said that almost six months ago.

He's also made promises and declarations that he has either reneged on or never followed through with. Spread of Misinformation

No one wants to be the person who keeps Twitter going. Musk tweeted that there was no successor.

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