Score This Personal AC for the Best Price Online, $78.99

Stay cool in the office with this personal AC unit, now just $78.99 for the summer.

Score This Personal AC for the Best Price Online, $78.99

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You might have grown accustomed to feeling a bit of FOMO when you see your friends enjoying more time. Now that summer has arrived, it is hard to imagine everyone having fun in the sun without you. If you're not able to join them in the summer fun, at least you can keep your home cool and comfortable.

The EvaChill Personal Air Conditioner, a 2019 Red Dot Design Award winner, is a lightweight energy-efficient air conditioner that you can take anywhere - from your home to your office. You can get it at only $78.99, just in time for the scorching summer temperatures.


The EvaChill Personal Air conditioner will keep you cool no matter what you do at work or in your free time. The EvaChill Personal Air Conditioner can cool an area as large as a desk, making it ideal for working purposes. It also works well on a couch or a bed to relax in. It's easy-to-transport thanks to its 6.7" height.

The EvaBreeze material, a patented product of theirs, improves the cooling efficiency of this device while keeping it eco-friendly and safe. To keep it running, you only need to fill the water tank with water and connect it to an electrical supply. After that, the cartridge will absorb a large amount of water to spread it evenly across the cooling pads. As the air blows over them, the temperature around you is cooled within ten minutes.

The EvaChill EV500 Personal Air conditioner is on sale at $78.99. The best online price is $99.

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