Begins Coverage on China Yuchai International (NYSE:CYD)

stock. The brokerage issued a hold rating on the stock.

In a research note sent to investors Tuesday morning. The brokerage assigned a Hold rating to the stock.

The stock opened at $8.10 Tuesday. The 50-day moving average of the firm is $7.63, and its 200 day moving average $7.90. China Yuchai International's one-year low is $6.73, and its one-year high is $11.08. The company's quick ratio is 1.08, its current ratio is 1.52, and its debt-to equity ratio is 0.02.

Hedge Funds weigh in on China Yuchai International

Several institutional investors recently bought and then sold shares of CYD. Millennium Management LLC bought a new stake in China Yuchai International valued at about $183,000 during the fourth quarter. Susquehanna International Group LLP bought a new China Yuchai International position during the fourth-quarter valued at about $130,000. Shah Capital Management increased their holdings in China Yuchai International during the first quarter by 0.4%. Shah Capital Management owns 4,111.308 shares valued at $32,438,000, after purchasing an additional 15,515 during the period. Citadel Advisors LLC acquired a new China Yuchai International position during the second quarter, valued at about $119,000. Credit Suisse AG also purchased a position in China Yuchai International for approximately $45,000 during the second quarter. Hedge funds and institutional investors own 19.69%.

China Yuchai International Company profile

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China Yuchai International Ltd., a holding firm, is engaged in the manufacturing, assembly and sale of engines for light, medium and heavy duty applications, including trucks, buses and passenger vehicles. It also manufactures and assembles engines for marine and agricultural equipment, construction machinery, and other industrial and commercial applications. It is divided into three segments: Yuchai (the main business), HL Global Enterprises Limited, and Corporate. offers a FREE daily email newsletter