The Scottish Investment Trust (LON:SCIN) Shares Cross Below 50-Day Moving Average of $895.00

as low as GBX 885 ($10.94). The Scottish Investment Trust PLC's stock dropped below its fifty day moving average during Tuesday's trading. The stock has a fifty day moving average of GBX 895 ($11.06) and traded as low as GBX 885 ($10.94).

() fell below its fifty-day moving average on Tuesday during trading. The stock's fifty-day moving average is GBX895 ($11.06), and it traded as low at GBX882.07 ($10.90). The Scottish Investment Trust shares were last traded at GBX895 ($11.06), and a total of 35,892 stocks changed hands.

The Scottish Investment Trust trading down by 1.1 %

The stock's 50-day and 200-day moving averages are both GBX895 The market cap is PS592.25million and the PE ratio is 1,570.18. The company's quick ratio is 10.04, its current ratio is 10.35 and it has a debt to equity ratio of 13.72.

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The Scottish Investment Trust PLC, a publicly-owned investment manager. The firm manages equity portfolios that are tailored to each client. The firm invests in global equity markets. It uses fundamental analysis and a bottom-up approach to stock selection. The Scottish Investment Trust PLC, based in Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, was founded in Edinburgh in 1887. offers a FREE daily email newsletter