US & Syria Have Been Holding Secret Talks In Oman

Thursday, May 18, 2020 - 12:20 PM

Sources claim that Washington and Damascus started secret communications under the former US President Donald Trump. Abbas Ibrahim, the former director-general of the Lebanese Security General, is one example. There were also direct meetings between the two nations, including one in Damascus, the Syrian capital. The Arabs are no longer interested in foreigners' complaints and protests.

Arabs, in particular, don't pay attention to foreigners that have played a destructive...

He said that the Syrian Democratic Forces, or SDF, were not mentioned in the talks between Syria and America. He said that "The Syrian-American discussions did not mention the Kurdish militas supported by American occupation forces in Northeastern Syria." This bombshell revelation about US-Syrian secret deals comes days after the White House condemned Arab nations for reestablishing ties with Syria. The Turkish government has been exercising its diplomatic muscle to solve the Syrian crisis. It has hosted several high-level meetings with Syrian officials to try to end Ankara’s occupation of northern Syria.