Will your employees wager on sports at work? You bet

The new law could lead to more cyberattacks as employees bet on sports using work computers.

Will your employees wager on sports at work? You bet

Since sports betting is now legal in Ohio some employees will be unable to resist the temptation to place wagers on their work computers. This puts businesses at greater risk of cyberattacks.

Cyberattacks are not new, but they have become more common as hackers improve their hacking techniques. Anyone can be a victim, even visitors to online gambling sites.

Hacking of BetMGM affected 1.5 million customers in recent months. Hacking attacks on popular betting engines FanDuel, Draft Kings and others have also increased.

These tips will help you protect your company from cyber attacks.

Install multifactor authentication that is resistant to phishing. This requires at least two authentication methods before a user can be granted access to the network. Include online gambling risk in the annual training on cyberattacks. Digital natives - often Gen Z (born 1997-2012) or millennials (1981-1996) - tend to take security at work less serious than their own devices. Younger generations, who grew up using technology, sometimes mistakenly think it's safe. Consider a password manager application instead of the browser's password saver. Implement URL filtering or content filtering. It is possible to block certain categories of websites such as those that offer sports betting. Cisco Umbrella, and other similar tools, offer content filtering including firewalls and DNSfilters. Most providers offer standard categories that you can block, but you can also add your own categories.

It is inevitable that employees will make mistakes. Create a culture where they can admit these mistakes without fear. The first step to addressing a problem is admitting the mistake. This will help you create a stronger barrier in the future.

These steps will help your business achieve good cyber hygiene. However, hackers are constantly developing new methods to access your sensitive and personal information. It's important to keep up with the latest advances, upgrade your security measures constantly and educate your employees about how they can protect themselves against cyberattacks.

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